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Surrogacy DNA Testing

Discover the power of DNA Testing in revolutionizing assisted reproduction and surrogacy, both domestically and internationally. In the realm of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), DNA tests serve as a crucial tool to confirm the biological parentage of the child, ensuring peace of mind for donors and recipients alike. Likewise, in the realm of surrogacy, DNA Testing emerges as an indispensable asset, especially with the increasing number of states mandating proof of biological relationship before adoption.

At Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics, we understand the complexities of international surrogacy cases. Our partnership with U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Immigration Service Centers worldwide enables us to navigate the intricate processes seamlessly. Trust us to facilitate the smooth transition of newborns across borders with our comprehensive DNA testing solutions.

Our Process

Stay in-the-loop about your case

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Experience seamless DNA kit delivery, coordinated with the US Embassy. Stay informed via email, easily track progress. Act now, start 2-3 months before due date for smooth processing.


Embarking on the journey towards a CRBA application? Let us guide you through the seamless process with ease. To kickstart this endeavor, we'll require some essential documents and details:

  • Firstly, furnish us with a copy of the letter or written request issued by the esteemed U.S. Embassy or USCIS Office. Typically, this document encompasses vital information such as your file or case number, the identities of individuals slated for testing, and the nature of the relationship that necessitates validation.

  • In rare instances where this document may not be readily accessible, fret not! Simply inform us that you're in need of a surrogacy DNA test for your CRBA case, and we'll swiftly accommodate your requirements.

  • Furthermore, we'll need comprehensive particulars from both domestic and international participants, including their names, dates of birth, addresses, and contact numbers.

  • Now, here's a crucial pointer to ensure a smooth sailing experience: It's highly advisable to dispatch the DNA kit to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate before initiating the CRBA application process. This ensures that upon application submission, the DNA kit is readily available for prompt sample collection. However, we suggest timing the dispatch approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the anticipated birth date of the child. This strategic approach minimizes the risk of the kit languishing idle at the embassy or, worse yet, getting misplaced amidst administrative proceedings.

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