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Legal Paternity DNA Testing

Ensure peace of mind and meet all legal requirements with our legally admissible paternity DNA tests, essential for child support, custody, adoption, court orders, birth certificates, wills, estates, tax forms, and more.

At Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics, we partner with AABB-Accredited laboratories to guarantee that every DNA sample is meticulously collected, handled, and tested. For your test to be recognized by government agencies and immigration authorities such as U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and USCIS, maintaining a strict “Chain of Custody” is vital.

Chain of Custody involves comprehensive documentation that tracks the collection, custody, control, transfer, analysis, and final disposition of the DNA samples. This process ensures the proper identification of all parties involved and the accurate collection and handling of specimens. AABB standards mandate that every individual involved, from the specimen collector to the DNA analyst, is an unbiased third party with no stake in the test results. This rigorous procedure ensures that your DNA test results are legally admissible and accepted by relevant authorities.

Our extensive network of Collection Sites across the U.S. makes it easy to find a convenient location near you, ensuring the integrity and legal standing of your paternity DNA test. Choose us for a seamless, reliable testing experience.


In line with New York State Department of Health guidelines, we are delighted to assist New York state residents upon receiving an immigration request, a doctor’s prescription, or a court order. Your compliance ensures we can provide you with the best possible service!

Our Process

We handle your sample collection efficiently!

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Unlock effortless DNA testing with us! Choose from convenient collection centers  or our cutting-edge laboratories. Get detailed updates on your case. Trust us for effortless testing!


Discover the advantage of our expansive network featuring three premier AABB accredited DNA testing laboratories, strategically located in key U.S. cities. With this robust infrastructure, many cases we manage seamlessly bypass the need for DNA sample collection sites. Only under exceptional circumstances, like extensive distance from our facilities or participant medical constraints hindering physical attendance, do we arrange for a DNA sample collection site. Rest assured, each case undergoes meticulous evaluation to ensure the utmost integrity of the collection process, reflecting our commitment to precision and excellence.


Attention all participants!

To ensure a seamless process, we kindly request the following details from each participant:

  • Full names

  • Dates of Birth

  • Residential addresses

  • Contact phone numbers

  • Doctor’s prescription (for New York residents only)

For your convenience, if all parties are in agreement, a single common address and telephone number suffice.

Furthermore, it's essential for all adult participants to present valid identification during the DNA sample collection.

In the case of minors or individuals unable to give consent, the legal guardian or parent, as stated on the official birth certificate, must be present to authorize the DNA testing.

Once the required information is provided accurately, our team will promptly reach out to facilitate payment arrangements. Subsequently, we will coordinate the DNA sample collection process either at our laboratories or through designated DNA collection sites. Rest assured, we'll guide you through every step.

To kickstart this process effortlessly, simply complete our online form. Feel free to utilize the notes section for any additional instructions you may have for our dedicated staff. Let’s embark on this journey together!

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