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Unlock the Power of DNA Evidence with Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics

At Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics, we harness cutting-edge forensic DNA testing technology to uncover the truth in violent crimes and identify victims of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the September 11 attacks. Our unique approach is founded on the scientific principle that each individual's DNA is distinct, except for identical twins. By meticulously analyzing biological materials—such as blood and tissue remnants from crime scenes—our skilled forensic scientists connect suspects and victims to specific incidents, providing irrefutable evidence.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven Expertise: We are the only DNA laboratory led by a Medical Doctor who has extensive experience testifying in U.S. courts.

  • Expedited Processing: We guarantee swift, precise processing of forensic samples, delivering results in weeks, if not days.

  • Exceptional Client Service: We offer personalized, expert support throughout your case.

Our comprehensive suite of DNA testing services utilizes the most advanced technology available. We provide robust evidence screening, serology testing, and DNA analysis, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include:

  • STR Testing

  • Y-STR Testing

  • Forensic Paternity

  • Mini STR Testing

We adhere to the highest standards, employing a 20 STR loci system endorsed by the FBI for generating conclusive DNA profiles. Our lab has already adopted the expanded CODIS core STR loci set, slated for implementation in 2017, enhancing our ability to facilitate “cold hits” and matches in forensic investigations.

For defense attorneys seeking unbiased second opinions, our private laboratory delivers reliable DNA testing services to challenge evidence processed by government crime labs.

Discover how Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics can empower your legal and investigative efforts with precision DNA testing solutions.

Our Process

We'll expedite your samples to our lab for testing

Crime Scene Tape

Our team  coordinates with public agencies  to arrange the collection and transport of samples directly to our lab. Also, we will guide other participants to schedule appointments at our lab or DNA collection agencies as required.

Start Your Forensic DNA Test Today: Here's What You Need To Do

Our Forensic DNA Testing team meticulously dedicates its efforts to a select number of cases each year, ensuring each receives the optimal allocation of hours and resources. These pivotal cases receive the direct oversight of our esteemed Laboratory Director and Executive Personnel, guaranteeing top-tier attention and expertise.

Contact us today to confirm availability!

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