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Prenatal DNA Testing

Introducing our exclusive prenatal paternity DNA testing services! At Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics, we understand the importance of accuracy and peace of mind when it comes to determining paternity. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution that allows you to confirm paternity before your child is even born.

Our advanced prenatal testing utilizes proven techniques such as Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis, which should be administered by skilled OB-GYN physicians selected by you. While these procedures may involve some risks, they provide conclusive results, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

The CVS procedure is usually performed during the 10th and 13th week of pregnancy. This procedure involves the removal of a small amount of placental tissue for testing.

The Amniocentesis procedure is usually performed during the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy. Guided by ultrasound, the OB-GYN will use a long needle to collect Amniotic fluid samples through the abdomen.

Unlike other options on the market, such as non-invasive prenatal tests that may yield inconclusive or inaccurate results, our approach guarantees certainty. With our method, you won't have to worry about false negatives or positives, saving you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

By choosing Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics, you can rest assured that you'll receive accurate and conclusive results the first time, eliminating the need for further testing after your child is born. Trust us to provide the answers you seek, without the need to deal with the situation twice.

Our Process

Partnering with your OBGYN, we smoothly transport your prenatal sample to our lab.


Effortlessly integrate your prenatal sample collection with our DNA testing services. We'll coordinate sample transfer with your doctor and arrange collection for the alleged father at our lab or a designated agency.


Join our DNA testing journey! Here's what we'll need from both the alleged father and mother:

  • Names

  • Dates of Birth

  • Address

  • Phone Numbers

  • Doctor’s prescription (exclusive to New York residents)

When everyone's in sync, a single address and phone number will do just fine.

Plus, for smooth sailing at our laboratories or DNA collection sites, all adult participants must present valid identification during sample collection.

But wait, there's more! We also require details from your OB-GYN’s office:

  • Company Name

  • Doctor's Name

  • Contact Person

  • Case or Reference Number

  • Telephone

  • Address

It's crucial to loop in your doctor's office so we can coordinate the shipment of amniocentesis fluid or CVS samples. For legal testing, a chain of custody form from the doctor's office is necessary, along with a signed release form from the mother for sample shipment to our lab.

Once we have your info squared away, we'll reach out for payment and set up DNA sample collection. Whether it's at our labs or a collection site, we've got you covered with appointments and instructions.

Ready to kick-start the process? Fill out our online form, and feel free to add any special instructions in the notes section. Let’s make this DNA journey a breeze!

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