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Prenatal DNA Testing

Paternity DNA testing can be conducted before the child is born. Since our DNA does not change once it is conceived during sexual reproduction, a DNA paternity test before the child’s birth is as accurate as a standard paternity test conducted after the child is born. Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics is experienced in testing prenatal samples to determine paternity conclusively.

Unlike regular Paternity DNA Testing that uses buccal swab samples for all tested parties, a Prenatal DNA Paternity Test requires special procedures to collect the baby’s specimens by an OB-GYN physician. The two most common procedures are Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) or Amniocentesis. Both procedures are invasive and involve some risks to the fetus. We encourage our clients to first consult with their OB-GYNs and find out if they are good candidates for these procedures.

The CVS procedure is usually performed during the 10th and 13th week of pregnancy. This procedure involves the removal of a small amount of placental tissue for testing.

The Amniocentesis procedure is usually performed during the 14th and 24th week of pregnancy. Guided by ultrasound, the OB-GYN will use a long needle to collect Amniotic fluid samples through the abdomen.

Other DNA testing laboratories may offer the option of performing a non-invasive prenatal DNA test using a sample from the mother’s blood. Unfortunately, the methods involving these types of tests still require the participation of all alleged fathers in the DNA analysis to be able to rule all non-possible fathers out. In addition, the technology used for these tests still leaves a slight possibility open for FALSE negative or positive results. Given that this analysis requires the use of detectable fetal DNA and due to the fact that there are two distinct types: (1) DNA that is contained within fetal cells within mother’s blood and (2) DNA that is uncontained and free in mother’s blood plasma. One of the issues with this analysis is that the number of fetal cells relative to the mother’s cells is tiny, perhaps as few as 1 in a million. In addition, the quality of fetal DNA is degraded and fragmented. Therefore, these types of tests can be costly, and often, clients find themselves conducting a standard paternity test after the baby is born as confirmation and to double check. As a consequence, Universal Genetics / Advanced Genetics does not offer this option.

Instead, we only offer Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing options through Amniocentesis or CVS sampling that will provide you with accurate and conclusive results, giving you the answers you seek and preventing you from dealing with this situation twice.

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Fill out our online application with the information for your case

Online Shopping


If everything seems in order, we will send you an email with information you need to make your payment online. Otherwise, we will contact you regarding any missing items in your application.

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Once we know the day your doctor will be collecting your prenatal sample, we will coordinate with his/her office to have a portion of that sample picked up by one of the members of our staff or shipped to our lab. In the meantime, the alleged father will be collected in one of our labs or at a DNA collection agency that we will assign. 


We will need the following for the alleged father and mother in the case:

  • Names

  • Dates of Birth

  • Address

  • Phone Numbers

  • Doctor’s prescription (only needed for New York residents)

If all parties are in agreement, there is need for only one common address and telephone number.


Also, all adult parties providing DNA samples at our laboratories or any of our DNA collection sites are required to have valid and proper identification at the moment of DNA sample collection.

In addition, we will need the information for your OB-GYN’s office:

  • Name of Company

  • Name of Doctor

  • Contact Person

  • Case or Reference Number with that office

  • Telephone

  • Address

At this point, you will need to inform your doctor’s office that we will be in communication with him/her, so that we can coordinate how and where the amniocentesis fluid or CVS sample will be shipped. If this test is for legally binding purposes, we will need the doctor’s office to fill out a chain of custody form. In addition, the mother will need to sign a release form for the sample to be sent to our laboratory.

Once you have provided the required information accurately, we will contact you to obtain the necessary payment. At that point, we will inform you where we are going to be collecting the DNA samples for the alleged father or other participants involved. If the samples are being collected at one of our laboratories, we will arrange an appointment for them immediately. If we are using a DNA collection site, we will provide you all the pertinent information and instructions to coordinate a DNA sample collection appointment with them.

All the information required to initiate this case can be provided in our online form. If necessary, you can use the notes section in the online form to provide any additional instructions for our staff.

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