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Curiosity DNA Testing

Discover the secrets hidden within your family's history with our exclusive Curiosity DNA Test. Satisfy your desire for knowledge and gain peace of mind from the comfort of your own home. Our Home DNA Kit makes the process simple and convenient, allowing you to collect your samples hassle-free.

Experience the power of DNA analysis without the constraints of legal proceedings. Our Curiosity DNA Test is designed for personal exploration and enlightenment. However, please note that these results do not adhere to strict Chain of Custody procedures and are not recognized by government agencies or immigration authorities.

For those who foresee potential future uses for their DNA test beyond personal curiosity, we recommend our Legally Admissible DNA Test. By opting for this comprehensive option from the start, you can avoid the need for additional testing and unnecessary expenses down the road.

Uncover the mysteries of your genetic profile today with our Curiosity DNA Test – because knowledge is the key to connection.


Regrettably, due to regulatory guidelines outlined by NYSDOH (New York State Department of Health), we are unable to extend our Curiosity DNA Test to residents of the Empire State. Please note that this restriction applies to all labs, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations governing non-Chain of Custody tests for New York state residents.

Our Process

Harness the power to gather and seamlessly dispatch your samples to our cutting-edge lab.

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Explore the ease of our Home DNA Kit delivery or self-collection option. Please note, while this method offers convenience, results are for personal curiosity only and not legally binding.


If you need a Home DNA Kit sent to you, we will need a name and address where the Home DNA Kit is to be sent. Please note we will only ship these kits within the U.S..

The kit will arrive in a white envelope without any markings and it will contain the supplies needed to collect the DNA samples for all participants in your case, instructions and a form to be filled out with minimal information by the client. Once the samples are collected, the Home DNA Kit and its contents need to be shipped back to our laboratory in a prepaid envelope provided in the kit. A minimum non refundable deposit of $100 is required to ship the Home DNA Kit. 


Otherwise, if you do not wish to have a Home DNA Kit sent to your house, you can also fill our Contact Form and request for Instructions on How to Collect Your Own DNA Samples. We will be happy to send you information on how you can collect your own DNA samples using supplies that you can buy on your own in any pharmacy, and then you can package those samples and send them to our laboratory.

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