COVID-19 Testing

Our Process

COVID testing for individuals

  1. Fill out our form and request an appointment to provide your sample (Oropharyngeal swab).

  2. We will confirm appointments by email and text.

  3. When you come to your appointment, pull up to the team in our parking lot collecting the samples. We will collect your sample in your car. 

  4. Sign a form and allow our team to collect your sample.

  5. Results will be provided to you electronically in 24-48 hours.

Are you covered?

At Universal Genetics, we offer COVID-19 testing for individuals who are: 

  1. Symptomatic with any cold / viral symptoms in the past week [e.g.: headaches, fatigue/"tiredness," cough/sneezing, runny nose / congestion, gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, etc.) or just "feeling under the weather"].

  2. Exposed to someone who is/was sick with any cold or viral symptoms in the past week. 

Insured: If you are insured, we bill your insurance carrier directly. No need for copay or deductible
Uninsured: If you are uninsured, THE TESTING IS FREE


  1. Fill out the COVID-19 testing for organizations forms , so that we can evaluate your case and provide you detailed information about our testing service and reduced rates.

  2. Call (626) 888-3323 to obtain more detailed information about our testing service and reduced rates.

  3. We will instruct you on how to give us a list of employees that you wish to be tested.

  4. If this to be a recurrent service, we will establish a schedule for the frequency of testing.

  5. We will provide your own client portal where you will have full access to your organization’s results.

  6. We will make sure employees are notified electronically of their results.

  7. Results will be available in your portal 24-48 hours after receipt of samples.

    COVID-19 testing is widely covered by insurance companies, so we will accept insurance. Also, we accept direct payment through credit card or cash. 

    As part of our service, we have the capacity to test for Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19.


Traveling during pandemic

If you need to be screened for COVID before your flight, we offer fast RT-PCR COVID-19 testing that provides results within a few hours of your visit. Same day results available.

Please note that insurance will not cover a medically unnecessary cost such as travel screening or back-to-work surveillance.  You will be charged for these tests directly.

Vaccination passport for COVID-19 displayed on smartphone held in male's hand with copy sp